Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The latest from Lascahobas

Currently at Lascahobas. I spent the first two days in Haiti visiting Silar's orphanage and getting our solar power equipment from different places in Port-au-Prince. I was mostly along for the ride - one of our teachers, Jeanide, led the way. We also visited a tablet manufacturer/assembler and talked to their head engineer, who talked me into buying a solar panel with integrated mobile backup battery. Yesterday Sora came into Port-au-Prince, then we traveled out into the countryside to visit the school in Lascahobas. Sora and the teachers discussed the project in Creole until after dark. I debugged some issues with internet, and went on the roof to check on the solar panels. I was then up past midnight writing some writing helpers into the iLoominate eBook project. Long day! Today is the first actual workshop day - our software is running on the server, teachers are meeting, Sora has ordered lunch for everyone. I'll be taking a look at the solar power system, with George and Tim joining by Skype

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Going to Silar's and Lascahobas

Hey, this is Nick! Haven't been laptop-blogging in a while. I'm going back to Haiti tomorrow (the 14th). It's only for a week, but I get to see two awesome schools: Silar's and Lascahobas!

For the first couple of days I'll be at Silar's, inside Port-au-Prince, and after that I will be helping facilitate a teacher workshop in more rural Lascahobas (the upper right XO on the map). Along the way, I'm planning to meet a company making Android tablet in Haiti, help repair a solar power system, and map a couple of health centers.