Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Open season on my open-source project

I posted earlier this month about the Knight-Mozilla News Learning Lab and guest speakers who have let us look inside the New York Times, the AP, and start-up Storify. I write most posts on my phone now, so it hasn't always been easy to follow. Sorry about that.

Today we wrote short project descriptions. Try this:

For online interviews, FollowFrost breaks the ice between viewers and the interviewee. Using Popcorn.js, you can read each speaker's profile, follow them on Twitter, and ask follow-ups. Video answers are broken down by question and added to the main video.

See the prototype

As this is a Mozilla project, everything will be open-sourced. You can help this baby project in two ways:

  • Were you interviewed at OLPC-SF? One of these interviews would make it easier to build this project and connect it back to OLPC. I'd like your permission to use the video.

  • Re-read the project description and be critical. For example, how is this different from IAMAs on Reddit? Why Twitter and not Indenti.ca? Why not use a color scheme from ___.com?

Design of the week: Look at this guy's idea for redesigning the New York Times.

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