Sunday, July 17, 2011

What is Arduino?

Arduino is a decidedly lower-tech device that you have to wire up and program to do anything. But then you can do a lot! Here's what the latest Arduino Uno looks like

Thanks to a versatile and open source design, this little gadget has been on the rise for years. In the past few months, it reached some major milestones

1) Google chooses Arduino for Android robots and gadgets

Google took a major move and asked companies and hackers to build devices using the open Arduino to bridge the gap between phones and their workbench projects. The makers of Arduino responded with one board which makes it even easier. My phone needs a software update to use it, though.

2) Army accepts an Arduino project

A West Point camcorder hack solves a problem for troops in Afghanistan.

3) A sewable version needles in on getting electronics in the wild

I know nothing about sewing but maybe I ought to...

Bicycle trip computer

Musical touch

Also, RFID purse

4) DIY Drones has a new quadcopter that actually flies.

5) Not Arduino-powered yet, but...

I saw eKindling in the Philippines got Squishy Circuits working in their classroom. If you can have a sewable computer, maybe you can have a moldable one, too..?

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  1. Awesome work that now i come to know arduino is using in government level as well.