Wednesday, August 3, 2011

FollowFrost front-end

My project from the #MozNewsLab is taking shape tonight, as I've committed to hacking it together and showing it off tomorrow.

This is what the "above the fold", pre-comments part looks like:

Everyone in the lab is interested in demonstrating that open web technologies make these projects possible, so I'll take a few moments to go over what's being used:

  • The video is using an open <video> tag or the equivalent, so that the rest of the page knows the time, url, and visual content of the video

  • The timeline is drawn live using a <canvas> element to display unique colors from the video itself. Instead of meticulous annotations of when segments begin and end, follow the colors. If you skip around the video, areas that you haven't watched yet will be blank.

  • You see presenters' profiles and Twitter feeds, so you can follow them or ask questions. I'm working on the journalist's interface, where you add people by their Twitter username and then drag and drop them (HTML5!) in and out of the cue when they enter and leave the video.

  • Your questions can be answered by videos, and these responses are added to the cue and automatically paired with the responder's information.

  • "On Deck" section (to be added) lets you jump ahead in the video. These sections will be easy to create and easy to link through the HTML5 History API.

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