Friday, August 12, 2011

Singularity Kids

Latitude has a great presentation of kids' answers to " draw what would you like your computer to do that it can't do now"

The points I'm taking from this:
  • Researchers: Kids are either players or makers, in that some ideas were new types of games and experiences, and others were tools for creating or doing something
  • They interviewed kids on all six major continents, including classes in South Africa, India, Argentina, and Colombia. None of the drawings in the presentation seemed biased to one region. When asked about regional differences, the researchers say India had more "maker" than "player" ideas.
  • "Nearly 40%" of ideas connect the virtual and physical worlds. Great news for the Map, Measure, and Memorize with Sensors activities. Huge motivation for us to continue in this direction, especially if someone can figure out haptics (touch)
  • A third of ideas "expanded the student's knowledge or creativity". They show XO laptops for this slide. Many of the "maker" students want to paint and touch their work on screen, and have it in real life. The life-size interactive storybook they showed from MIT looks beautiful.

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