Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Everyone has new hats

I put down my XO and became an English teacher, Junior went from GPS back to teacher-training, a new teacher joined the school here and received an XO, we gained an American (Tony) and another American (Sally) is going home after spending more than a year in Haiti... Chaos!

Long story short: Junior (our GPS mapper Monday) is an expert on eToys from an XO-using school in Cap-Haitien (always sounds like Capsaicin to me). He said it was time to get the teachers using eToys, and he had them looking at the animated machin (car) and drawing houses, when...

Sally had to leave, and asked me to help teach her conversational English class from now on. They wanted me to explain words like wheatear, wily, and destiny. Explaining the last left me wondering about my own sense of reality. We'll be reading bits of Sally's novel, a self-help book, and one of my engineering books, "Yes is More".

One last thought is that we have to finish what we build. This post here is just a corner of a building which may never exist. There are so many in our neighborhood. We're not making another.

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