Monday, October 3, 2011

Surprise Roadtrip!

Roadtrip Map

On Saturday morning, I was woken by a phone call from Adam - there was a mapping roadtrip and I had an hour to give my coordinates to the driver! Fortunately I had my GPS on me, texted the guy, and soon was leaving Croix-des-Bouquets (the lowest dot on the map above). Over the next couple of days, we drove past the Peligre Dam (the next dot up), to Hinche and Pignon (the next two). Click any photo to see the full set.

It's a beautiful country out there. I took this photo at the favorite overlook of our host, the head of Habitat for Humanity in Hinche (pronounced "Hesh"). He'd gotten the idea last year to train guides to take backpackers around this part of the country. Now that they had trails planned out in Pignon ("Pii-own"), they needed online publicity. A mutual friend had gotten him in touch with the OpenStreetMap group, so we showed up to map whatever we could.

But we also saw tons more! As a civil engineer, I was excited to see the island's largest hydroelectric dam.

I also saw a different way of living. People here keep their food in a little house on stilts, like this:

We saw a film festival. This one was one of my favorites!

Then we were on the road again!

Then we were off the road!

We got out of that rut, and I came home late Sunday. Just in time for the first official day of school on Monday! Thanks everyone!

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