Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Coding, SocialCalc, and +1

Programming is weird. You have to make a mental connection with the computer to really understand what it's doing. Similar to Scout reading the cobra's mind in Scout's Safari.

Yesterday I added a "+1" feature to the digital library; basically a Facebook like button. I spent a minute on the icon, and much more time getting it to appear

Me gusta eso libro

On May 2, a teacher made me promise to fix SocialCalc. On Friday I had almost solved the problem, but hit a dead end. At the code jam on Sunday, Tony Anderson of OLE Rwanda helped me walk through the traces and meanderings of what experts call "spaghetti code". By the end of that day, it looked like we found a route around the problem. After a few design and translation updates today, SocialCalc is fixed! The code is on SugarLabs and you can download the activity.

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