Thursday, May 19, 2011

Roadtrip III

This weekend is taking me all over the country - I'm coloring this weekend in blue on the travel map.

Friday was an awesome, field-day like visit in Canelones. On Saturday, I went to Punta del Este (Marker H in the southeast; a tourist-friendly place not unlike Provincetown). I planned a school visit for this Monday, so I'm spending today in Durazno (Marker I). Tomorrow morning I continue up the road to Paso de los Toros (Marker J) and visit a school! There'll be teacher-trainers coming from Tacuarembo as well.

I'm still preparing for the school visit, and the internet connection from Hotel Durazno isn't good enough to upload photos, so I'll write more later this week. The main thing which I found today, while completely lost outside Durazno, was a library with a Braille section. I'm going to try meeting with the librarian tomorrow, seeing what resources they have, and finding out what ñ looks like in Braille.

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