Friday, May 13, 2011

Roadtrip II: Colonia

I only have two weeks, with two weekends, before I leave South America. So I've decided to spend both weekends traveling. Tomorrow, I'm going to Colonia del Sacramento, which is in the southwest part of Uruguay. That's Point G on this map of places where I've been:

Colonia is famous for its old Spanish architecture and sandy beaches. At the supermarket, I noticed all of the cheese was from Colonia, like an Uruguayan Wisconsin. A conversation at work about geocaching inspired me to look up a couple of hidden items to find with my GPS.

So what about the north of the country? I want to go next weekend, but there aren't a lot of tourist activities as we get closer to winter. My co-worker suggested Lavalleja, which is north of E and F on that map. Lavalleja sounds like it has a lot of volcanoes -- I mean, hiking trails and such. If there's a volunteer thing there or another part of the country next week, I might try visiting that, instead.

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