Wednesday, March 30, 2011

At Plan Ceibal

I'm at the Plan Ceibal office right now and they have a really nice building.

Yesterday I settled in at a place in Montevideo. My airline hasn't brought my luggage, but I did have some formal clothes and everyone on the airplane got a comb and socks (whaaat?!) so I'm good for now.

I took a couple of buses here this morning. On the first bus, I saw a blue shipping container with PLAN CEIBAL written on it. It was a repair center. There were about ten parents with their kids lined up outside and one or two were holding their XO laptops. Sweet! I tried talking about it with the bus fare-taker but he just reminded me when my stop was. Will get pictures tomorrow.

I didn't know who to meet with today, so I asked for my boss. The secretary asked if I had an appointment, I said I would send an e-mail, and we're waiting for this to play out.

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