Thursday, March 17, 2011

Memorize + Sensors = Mesmerize?

In so many schools with XO laptops, one of the teachers' favorite activities is Memorize. It's a simple matching game where students and teachers can create cards to review vocabulary or match letters. Tiles can have writing, photos, and audio.

Since this activity is kid-friendly and creative, and the sensor-reading activity, Measure, is decidedly technical and imposing, I'm wondering whether sensors could be part of the matching game. The student clicks a card on their screen, it says stomach, they connect to a contact on posterboard, such as a marker on the large intestine, and the computer senses the match. There could also be a cheat-mode where sensing the poster reveals a matching photo, audio, or website on the student's computer.


Before I leave, I want to have a talking map of South America.

March 18 Update talking map is working, thinking about adding website browser, too

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