Friday, March 18, 2011

Hackasaurus XO

See what the Web is made of, and re-mix it - Hackasaurus project

Ever since I heard about Mozilla's Hackasaurus project, I have been thinking about getting their Web X-Ray Goggles working on the XO laptop. Once it's activated, you can edit parts of any page on the internet. It's certainly an activity for the older kids, but as shown at Hackasaurus Jams its empowering to kids who use Wikipedia and Facebook all of the time and can now deconstruct and redesign them.

The XO's Browse activity doesn't support their bookmarklet, so I added a button directly into the activity. If you don't mind replacing your Browse activity, download the Browse-Hack activity, enter the Edit menu, and click Browse's globe icon. Be patient with the time it takes for the tool to start, and some editor tools blinking on and off. Type 'r' to edit the item that you've selected.

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