Saturday, March 26, 2011

Best links on Montevideo

I have been researching the city of Montevideo and these are the best links I could find:

From the New York Times travel section, 25 Hours in Montevideo (closer to 55 days for me). The sushi restaurant is on my street.

From Uruguayan horror/sci-fi director Fede Alvarez, Ataque de Pánico!. Studios compared this video to the South African YouTube clip-turned-blockbuster District 9, and Sr. Alvarez now has a multimillion dollar Hollywood contract.

ISCB's Conference Page where I did most of my research on hotels, buses, and weather. Plan Ceibal is at LATU (green marker on their map) but the upcoming ceibalJAM / eduJAM venue is closer to the westernmost markers, in Ciudad Vieja.

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