Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday and Holidays Update

My birthday was great! For lunch, I went with my co-workers to get a chivito sandwich, which I'd read about in the book Inventos Uruguayos. According to legend, a tourist in Punta del Este asked for goat (chivo) and the kitchen had just sold their last goat-burger, so they put together a slice of filet mignon, some bacon, egg, and mayo and called it a "chivito". It's a monster sandwich and tastes good with fries.

Image CC-BY-SA Wikipedia

I also got masitas, which are little desserts with chocolate and dulce de leche, and a green cupcake from Plan Ceibal.

This week is also Holy Week in the Spanish-speaking world, which means that we all get a couple days off to travel. I just booked my tickets to La Paloma, a small coastal town in the east. I'm finally leaving the city! Let me map this:

All the places I've been these few weeks are in that little cluster, and the E is where I'm headed.

I promise to take tons of photos and look for folks with XOs.

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