Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Investigacciones y Desarrollo

I received a Plan Ceibal business card the other day which reads Investigacciones y Desarrollo. I'm an investigator, a Sherlock Holmes if you will. Never mind that the Spanish translation might be closer to Research & Development.

Anyhow, I'm waiting to whip out this card and start asking questions at any moment. Then I see this, perched on a hill over the sea:

Is it a fortress? A mosque? I had my first case.

My bus passes it around 10 minutes before getting to Pocitos, so it was a long walk. Along the beach so I didn't mind. It got dark and I could see the city reflected on the other side of the inlet/lagoon. I went past a naval museum where I got lost before, a bus depot, one of those POLICLINICs which is either police or medical, I can't tell. Vehicles say SUAT on them, but there's clinic right in the name... I walk past some anchored sailboats. Finally, after 90 minutes at least, I arrive to puzzle over it. Photos are pretty dark so just refer to the above daytime photo ^^ Turns out it's a Zoological Museum. Creepy story: it was built over an old morgue and the original designers' plan for a "Cafe Morocco" was scrapped when fatal accidents occurred and locals started calling it the "Cabaret of Death". I must visit this place when it's open. To be continued.

By this time I was far, far away from anywhere that I'd walked before. But I recognized a couple of buildings near the Montevideo Shopping, so I decided to check that out. Good bookstores. I got a sandwich and a slice of cake for dinner. While I was ordering, this nice lady jumped in to help me talk in Spanish. Turns out her fiance is from New York. I chatted with them and he's been in Uruguay for six months. Very encouraging.

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