Thursday, April 7, 2011

Montevideo tips

For the people who are traveling to Montevideo soon, I posted a list of tips for your flight and buses on the Conozco Uruguay page

Montevideo has similarities with US cities such as Miami or El Paso, and there's a wide variety of food places. In the past week I have had sushi, Chinese pork, pizzareta, pasta, honey-flavored cheerios, shortbread cookies, dulce de leche, and milanesa (similar to chicken-fried steak). Some of these are decidedly non-Uruguayan, and I've been told to book a few days in the countryside so I can know the real traditions and local cuisine better. That'd also be an opportunity to try yerba mate tea, which nearly everyone drinks instead of coffee.

← I got the XO 1.5 HS to run gvSIG maps today -- it is such a relief to know that my job here is possible. Maps CC-BY-SA OpenStreetMap, CloudMade

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