Sunday, April 10, 2011

Exploring the City

This weekend I decided to find some new food, do some sightseeing, and finally do laundry. In the mall it is possible to get Chinese food or a big egg salad, and today I had some good pasta al pesto. On Friday after work I walked to the beach and the tide had almost covered everything. The landmark old-fashioned Hotel Carrasco stands out on the coast, but when I get closer I can see it's torn open for a complete remodeling. Most of the tourists in the area are going to the stores and restaurants. They have tons of ice cream flavors, and I went with Oreo (theirs is chocolate with cookie pieces).

Last week I enjoyed the convenience of living near the office and being in a more residential neighborhood, but there's no room there this week. I'd recommend it if you're writing a murder mystery. Old-fashioned decor in giant rooms, soft music playing in the entrance, like the lobby of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

I moved to a new place today: Hostel Pocitos. The new place has cheaper rates, but I'll have three roommates, and I need to take the bus to work again. These places are all within the city of Montevideo. Here's a map of the main places I've been:


  • A - Punta Carretas: first B&B

  • B - Carrasco: Plan Ceibal office and Murder Mystery Mansion

  • C - Pocitos: Hostel, nice beaches

  • D - Plaza Independencia - downtown and center of gov't

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