Thursday, April 21, 2011

La Paloma

Edit: as Julián points out in the comments, I misspelled the name of the town, "La Paloma" two different ways in the original post.

Arrived in La Paloma and walked to the hostel. Everything is completely different from the city and on the road we could see pastures and farms for miles.

The roads here are named for the astrology signs. We´re on Avenida Leo. Despite getting rained on, I´m looking forward to exploring. The clouds look lighter already.

I´ve updated my map in the right sidebar of the blog to show my current location.

If the weather doesn´t improve, I´ll go to Rocha, the capital of this area. More indoor stuff.


  1. Thank you, Julián. I posted after traveling overnight and didn't realize until your comment that I spelled La Paloma two ways, both wrong. Updated the post.