Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kindergarten XO

We've had a number of well-meaning discussions about whether the kindergarten here in Haiti can make use of the XO laptops. This morning, the kids used the laptops and their cameras for the first time! Here's a short video

We were thinking that a kindergarten is too early for each kid to use a laptop, but maybe the teacher can have two laptops for musical activities, photos (the teachers asked for dogs and vegetables so far), colors, and shapes (maybe even TurtleArt?). The kids here understood the laptop very quickly, and were excited both by the camera and our follow-up with the TamTam Mini soundboard.

Things kids surprisingly did not discover on their own: moving the camera to see themselves better, starting other activities, and clicking randomly to try out the dozens of TamTam instruments (they would press Enter to play one sound repeatedly). I mean, you and I would click every button to hear how it sounded; they were looking at a wall of pictures. The girl above figured out how to cycle through instruments by pressing the game keys and pressing the Enter key. I didn't even know that was possible O_O

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