Monday, October 24, 2011

OLPC-SF from Haiti

Hey everyone in SF - your posters look great! Glad I could join you live from Port-au-Prince via Skype. Thanks to Julie Blaustein for these and more great photos:

I used the chat to introduce my plan to get the laptops used more in class. We've been meeting most students once during the day and twice after school each week, based on teachers' ideas for what we can teach. This time around, I offered the teachers two "wildcard" classes which they could request for their students: taking apart an XO and listening to a poem. Naomi picked the former for grades 3-4, and we decided Cesar's class, grade 2, would enjoy the poem.

On my way back to school, I got to visit an art festival. Seeing artwork on display and in progress honestly made my weekend.


  1. I'd like to know more about the poem lesson!

  2. The artwork looks amazing. We are trying a new program at Ntugi..."Drawn To School" in which the students canvases are offered to donors who contribute their school fees. Since those yearly fees for secondary run at about $150 per year, it isn't that hard for a canadian donor to support a years education, and get one of the student's canvases, and a video of them talking about the artwork in exchange. I hope to have the website with the artwork and the videos up by December.