Tuesday, October 4, 2011

School starts in Haiti

School has officially begun in Haiti! From day 1, we started laptop training with an after-school program. Click below for photos from that first class:

Then today, we brought laptops to the 3rd/4th grade class and held an after-school program for the 5th/6th grade. Both were our first 1:1 class with each kid getting a laptop. Click below for photos of that class.

Naomi teaches the camera to her class

Our first lessons were the camera and the Physics activity.

In the after-school lesson, kids wanted to get into more interactive activities such as Maze and my new Haitian version of the Geoquiz activity.


  1. So many special teaching moments! I come here every day and love it. Keep it up Nick, PLEASE!

  2. Yes, keep it up! Nice pictures, nice atmosphere, good memories. Good luck!


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